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It Tastes Better From The Farm
It Tastes Better From The Farm
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Meat Processing

Meat Processing 2020-10-27T11:45:12-05:00

Full Service Processing

At Valley View Farm we love to be able to serve our local community and hunters by processing as much livestock, venison, bear, moose, etc. Unfortunately, due to circumstances created by COVID-19 and the lack of staff needed to process these animals, this hunting season we will not be able to take in any custom butchering. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause for the community.

However, we will be taking in clean, boneless trim to be processed into fresh sausage and various
smoked products. We will be announcing available drop off dates soon.
We appreciate everyone’s understanding and look forward to doing all we can to help.

-Valley View Farm

Game Processing
We offer full service processing of your Wild Game. We skin, breakdown into cuts, grind into burger, make sausage (sweet, hot, breakfast or kielbasa), and smoke (bacon, jerky, snack sticks, or summer sausage) your wild game. Animals MUST be fully field dressed and washed out.

Poultry Processing
We offer full service processing of your poultry. Processing includes humane slaughter, chilling & bagging of your birds, whole or broken down. Sorry we DO NOT process ducks or geese.

We Are fully booked for chicken processing through the 2020 season. Due to staffing and time constraints we will not be processing turkeys for the 2020 season. We apologize for this inconvenience.

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