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It Tastes Better From The Farm
It Tastes Better From The Farm
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Custom Butchering

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Just the Way You Like It

Do you want your home cooked meal the way you like it? Valley View Farm offers Custom Cuts to exactly the size and weight you need. It will be cut your way because we want to provide our customers with the best cuts of meat that they desire. We break down and process your livestock to your specifications. Steaks, Roast, Ground Meat or Sausage (sweet, hot, breakfast or kielbasa). All meat is cut, vacuum packaged, whenever possible, and frozen when you pick it up. Valley View Farm Custom Butchering offers many different custom butchering options available for you. Give us a call for any questions regarding our custom butchering services. We always listen to our customers’ needs and deliver the best quality products because we value your business and treat you like family.

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